Partners for Educational Freedom Endorsements

Partners for Educational Freedom in North Carolina announces our endorsement of candidates for North Carolina General Assembly and judicial candidates for Supreme Court for the upcoming 2022 elections. These are important school choice races that we are watching this year:

Supreme Court of North Carolina Endorsements

Trey Allen

Richard Dietz

If you support school choice and the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program, you have to watch this video. The program is under threat, and we need your help:

North Carolina State Senate

SD-3: Bobby Hanig

SD-7: Michael Lee

SD-11: Lisa Barnes

SD-19: Wesley Meredith

SD-21: Tom McInnis

North Carolina State House

HD-5: Bill Ward

HD-9: Tim Reeder

HD-20: Ted Davis

HD-24: Ken Fontenot

HD-25: Allen Chesser

HD-59: John Hardister

HD-62: John Faircloth

HD-63: Steve Ross

HD-73: Brian Echevarria

HD-74: Jeff Zenger

HD-98: John Bradford