The Fight

The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program is under threat by a lawsuit that was filed by the teacher's union in North Carolina. Please watch this short video to learn more. We must fight together for school choice and the Opportunity Scholarship, a program that is currently helping 32,000+ kids in our state!

Clarence Henderson knows a thing or two about fighting for what's right. In 1960, on the second day of the Greensboro sit-in, Joseph A. McNeil and Franklin E. McCain were joined by William Smith and Clarence Henderson at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro. Clarence was on the forefront of the civil rights battle as he bravely stepped up to participate in the sit-in at the Woolworth’s diner. On that day, he was fighting to be let in, yet today thousands of families in our state are fighting to be let out of school not meeting their needs.

Watch as Clarence introduces you to the ongoing fight for civil rights through school choice.

As Clarence says in the video, he is 100% in support of school choice and North Carolina's Opportunity Scholarship Program, despite Governor Roy Cooper calling the program "an expense we should stop in our state." This is not the only time Roy Cooper has spoken in opposition to this program, which today helps over 12,000 students from lower-income families have equal access to the school of their choice.

See more of Roy Cooper, in his own words, against school choice here.

Call Governor Roy Cooper --> (919)814-2000 <-- and tell him you support the Opportunity Scholarship Program

How can you help in the fight for school choice? Make sure to sign up on this page, and join the movement to ensure ALL families in our state have equal access to the schools that best fit their child's needs.

Watch more of our videos about the fight for school choice: