Public Charter Schools Choice

With 189 public charter schools across our state, options are growing by the day.

For help with any school choice questions, the best resource is our parent liaison team. Send an email today or call us at (919)871-1084.

Public charter schools are independent public schools with greater operational and educational freedom than traditional public schools. However, public charter schools are required to participate in the same state testing and accountability program as traditional public schools. They earn annual report card grades from the state based on school achievement and academic growth, just like traditional public schools. Unlike traditional public schools, however, public charter schools can be closed if they fail to meet academic or operational standards.

Nationwide nearly 7,000 charter schools serve more than 3 million students. In North Carolina in 2018-2019, 189 public charter schools are operating across the state, enrolling almost 105,000 pupils from over 90 counties.

Charter schools are popular with parents: a 2016 report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools found that 78 percent of parents support having a charter school open in their neighborhood.

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